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About Me

Welcome to my website! If you’re on this page, you are probably a fan of fishkeeping, just like me. At the top, you may see the aquarium I own, which I am extremely proud of.

My name is Gilad, and I’m a fish fanatic. I’ve been growing fish for over ten years. It all began when I watched my father growing his little creatures in our family’s community tank (twelve years ago).

There was something so calming about them. I also liked how, as a kid, I consistently learned new things about fishkeeping from my father’s experience. Very quickly, it turned to a common hobby of me and his.

I have created PetFishOnline to share my knowledge and experience of over ten years of fish growing. This site is mostly for beginners, although sometimes you’ll see content who might interest the experts among you. Frankly, each one who loves fish is likely to find this site interesting.

I hope you will find my blog useful and that I’ll be able to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any hanging questions. I will try to message you back as soon as I can.

Happy fishkeeping!